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Spring Fundraiser Ideas That Support Your Local Community

Winter is over. The weather will soon warm up. Flowers will start pushing blooms soon. It probably feels like it’s been a while since you ran your holiday fundraisers, or it might feel like yesterday. We hope they went well. 


Now that the days are getting longer, it’s time to start thinking about your next fundraiser. Fundraising ideas for spring will often be different from fundraising ideas for other seasons. Because the weather is warmer, more options for fundraising open up. Like any other fundraising strategy, making smart choices in your planning will set you up for success. 


Spring fundraiser ideas will look different for different groups and different goals. Ideas for spring church fundraisers will look different from spring fundraising ideas for schools. However, while you are planning, consider some of these fundraising ideas for spring. Some of them will be better than others depending on the size of your monetary goals. We’ll count down to our favorite two spring fundraising ideas.


Here are a few fun spring fundraising ideas. Good luck!


Spring Fundraiser Ideas

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5. Gardening Class

Running a class of any kind can be an effective fundraiser. If you have lofty fundraising goals this won’t be the way to go, but if you just need a little capital for your non-profit organization, this can be a quick and easy way to raise a modest amount. You’ll, of course, need people on your team with gardening skillsets. If you happen to have them, let those people share their excitement. And even if you don’t, you can probably find talented people out there. 


A workshop, a boot camp, or even a several-day-long class schedule has a good return on investment. A class has a relatively low set of start-up costs. Maybe you need to print some handouts, and possibly bring some gardening materials if the class is hands-on. You may or may not have to pay the person teaching the class. If they are in your circle, they might be excited to teach for free, especially if they believe in your cause. Then you can charge people for taking the class.


To give it a springtime flavor, make your class a gardening class. Teach people when to plant flowers and vegetables and how to care for plants. This has always been a popular subject. In the current social climate, gardening is getting more popular every year. Everyone is excited to be able to grow their own food. People will love this fundraising idea! (DonorBox)


4. Spring Cleaning Day

This is a great idea for anyone with a building as part of their organization. It’s great for schools, churches, community centers, libraries–you name it. It might sound counterintuitive, but a lot of people actually enjoy helping to clean up places that they value. They might even donate a few dollars each to be able to participate in helping to do the spring cleaning for a building of importance to their community (FireSpring). It won’t cost a lot, and you get the bonus of a cleaned up building.


3. A Cook-off

Anytime you can organize a fundraiser that gets people excited and gets people involved, you create a recipe for success. A fundraiser that involves creativity and is a social event with some friendly competition will take you far. There are lots of fundraising ideas that fit these criteria. Things like craft sales, plant sales, or art sales. A cook-off is a fan favorite, though. (QGiv) Get your community involved in showing off their chili-making skills, their baking skills, or their barbecue skills. They will, in turn, get their own communities excited about the competition, and will raise awareness about your cause.


2. Selling Flower and Vegetable Seeds

The coolest and most profitable spring fundraising idea we can think of is sourcing seeds from your local nurseries and selling them for your fundraiser. This is cool on a lot of levels. It’s great to support local businesses, and it’s amazing to sell seeds at the beginning of spring. People will be excited to support your cause, and at the same time, they will love starting their gardens whether for flowers or vegetables. farmRaiser is an online fundraising platform that can help you run a locally-sourced seed fundraiser from start to finish.


1. Fruit & Vegetable Baskets

Springtime is the perfect time to sell fresh fruits and vegetables. Beautiful, ripe, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables are a popular fundraising strategy since families need to buy them at the store anyway. This way, people are able to get good quality produce they’d normally find at a farmer’s market but they can support a good cause while purchasing it and have it delivered. farmRaiser is an online fundraising platform that can help you run a fruit and vegetable basket fundraiser from start to finish.

fruits and veggies baskets - spring fundraiser ideas


farmRaiser, can help you set up your spring product fundraiser. We will work with you to set up a fundraiser that sources seeds, produce, or artisan foods from nurseries, farms, and stores in your area. Your backers will be able to browse the products you choose and buy them through your fundraising page. Read how farmRaiser has helped organizations grow fundraising profits here. Click to sign up.


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